Introduction to Android Development: Java Edition

Interested in mobile development? This is the perfect place to start!

I run this workshop at universities all over the UK, as well as online for virtual events. Interested in having me? Send me an email!

When can I watch this?

This was live streamed as part of Hack Quarantine on their live stream. However, it can now be found on YouTube!

Where do I even start?

Download Android Studio! This will have all the tools you’ll need to get started!

Google has loads of guides to help too!

Why should I use Java?

Java is a language that has been around for ages. Lots of university students learn it in their first year of university to under Object Oriented Programming so you might already know it! It’s also used in industry for a huge variety of products!

As Android apps were originally written in Java, there’s lots of guides and documentation to help guide you along too!


  • Slides can be found here
  • Code can be found here